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11Plus Tuition, How to pass the 11Plus Last minute preparations!

It is the beginning of September, which means the 11plus exam is looming! For many students it is the opportunity to demonstrate their hard work in 11plus tuition, as well as at school and home. For both, parents and students, it can be a stressful time. After all the hard work and investments that have been made, everybody is hoping your child will be accepted into their preferred school. The few weeks before the exam are crucial in ensuring 11plus success. 11 plus tuition near me. 11 plus creative writing. 11 plus tuition centre near me. At EmpowerEd we have successfully prepared many children for the exam, so we are here to share our top tips for the final bits of 11plus preparation to ensure your child is fully prepared to sit the exam! Sutton grammar mock test. Maths tuition near me.

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  1. Exam Technique and MOCK Papers 11 plus prep This one is extremely important! A child will struggle to pass the 11plus, even with perfect content knowledge, there is a strong element of exam technique to the 11plus and it is imperative that in the last few weeks prior to the exam, your child is doing as many MOCK papers and past exam questions as possible. This will ensure they are prepared to tackle the wording of the questions, timing and have a thorough understanding of how the exam works. This ensures they will not be surprised and/or panicked on the day. Last minute 11 plus preparation. local private tutors We offer weekly 11plus MOCK papers, as well as having unlimited 11plus papers and questions available for our families to use. Please get in touch to find out more. 11 plus tuition near me.

  2. Timing Sutton Tuition Another area that is often neglected is timing. Students need to be very aware of how long they should be spending on a question - and if they do get stuck, when is the right time to leave the question and go onto the next one. Many tuition providers can focus too much on 'content perfect' students and neglect the significant impact timing has on student's success in the exam. Online mock exams. Science tutor near me A couple of weeks before the exam, it is a good idea to ensure your child is completing all of their preparations in timed conditions. Timed MOCKS are also very useful in ensuring your child is familiar with the time they will have on the day. Timing past exam questions and other revision activities will also ensure your child becomes used to working under pressure, which is also very important for 11plus success. Maths tuition near me.

  3. Knowledge Gaps It is never too late to remedy a knowledge gap! The last few weeks before the exam is the perfect time to brush up on any little gaps in knowledge. It is also a good time to redo any topics your child found difficult. Many of the 11plus topics are easy to teach to your child provided they have a strong foundational maths and English understanding, so it is not too late to overlook them. Sutton grammar mock test. 11 plus tuition centre near me. 11plus tuition. Spend sometime analysing your child's work to ascertain exactly where it could be improved. Test teach sutton.Surrey tutors.

  4. Keep stress levels low Children are sponges to the environment around them, if they pick up on stress or tension, they will quickly absorb the same feelings. This can be extremely damaging to their ability to focus and succeed in the 11plus exam. Ensure you remain relaxed, supportive and positive for your child! Tuition for 11 exams. Maintaining a stable routine, healthy nutrition and physical activities are all really important in ensuring your child is in a positive place to sit the exam. Revising for lengthy hours is not as beneficial as one may think! Test teach sutton. Finally, best of luck! At EmpowerEd we are currently working with our families to ensure they are thoroughly prepared for the exam in a few weeks. If you are interested in attending one of our MOCKs or have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with our 11plus specialist team today! We look forward to hearing from you :) Maths tuition near me, local private tutors, GCSE tuition, need private tutor.

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