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The Power of Positivity in Education

We recently came across the story from Swindon about two primary schools teaming up to perform an uplifting song! In an era that has been challenging for the education industry, it was definitely encouraging to witness. Private tutor near me, learning difficulty.

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As Rachel Surch [Executive Principal of the Park Academies Trust] stated: "We organised this event because we wanted to do something special and felt that the song we’ve chosen is particularly uplifting. Power in Me is symbolic of the resilience that the children and staff have had to demonstrate over the last couple of years. SEN tutor, dyslexia tutor.

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"Children in education have suffered greatly and a lot of the fun had disappeared from education during covid and the lockdowns, so we’re here today to get some of that fun back. KS2 tutor.

It was definitely a gentle reminder that we must remain positive and ensure students have fun in education, particularly following a turbulent few years. SEN tutors near me.

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At EmpowerEd we are passionate about ensuring all of our students are engaged with their education journey and develop into confident learners. Here are our top tips for remaining positive in all things education:

  1. Focus on the positives with your child. If they are particularly daunted or stressed about something, take the time to write a list of all the things they enjoy about school or their education. What are they looking forward to in the future? Writing it out can really ensure it feels material to them. Tutor for 7 year old

  2. Allow them to be open. Allowing your child to open up and communicate their feelings will allow you to understand their concerns, as well as giving them some alleviation. Let them know there will also be support channels available to them at their education placement. Trusted peers can also be a great source of support! Surrey tutors

  3. Make a plan. Coordinating a plan with your child can make them feel more supported and secure. Set realistic goals for areas they are struggling with to spur them on and be sure to incorporate 'treats' in the plan too - this could be an extracurricular activity or hobby they particularly enjoy. Tutors for kids

  4. Seek additional support. If you have tried to remedy the situation but it is not working, do not be afraid to seek supplementary support from somebody that can offer further guidance and advice! Your child's happiness is certainly the most important thing!

At EmpowerEd we regularly support students who find mainstream education a challenge, for a free, friendly consultation do not hesitate to get in touch with us today on or 0204 5424329. We look forward to hearing from you.


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