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11 Plus and Common Entrance Exams

Our 11 plus and common entrance programmes offer the best support for your child's journey into grammar or independent schools. 

11+ and Common Entrance at EmpowerEd

We have supported hundreds of students taking the 11+ to gain entry to grammar schools in the UK.  We also support students preparing for common entrance exams to  gain entry to independent schools. 

At EmpowerEd, we care deeply about ensuring we make a difference to your child's education journey. We spend the time ensuring we understand your child and family so we can offer a bespoke plan to ensure they are prepared to ace their admission exam. 


We understand every child is unique. We will create a tailored plan specific to your child to ensure their best chance of success


We work with 11+ examiners and design sessions and resources to ensure your child has all the top tips and tricks to master exam technique.


We ensure our students are comfortable with the timing available for each question, with tricks and methods to help them speed up! 


We regularly undertake real 11+ MOCKS with your child so they are familiar with exam content and conditions. Expert feedback is also given after every MOCK.  


We track progress  and offer feedback after every session so you can be sure your child is happy, confident and progressing. 


At EmpowerEd we have an expert team dedicated to ensuring your child has all the tools and support necessary to pass the 11+ or the common entrance exam. 

Our education team know the exact requirements of your local schools and will be able to advise on the skills and knowledge your child needs. 

For a free 11+ or common entrance MOCK test with expert feedback, get in touch with one of our education team today. 

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