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About EmpowerEd

EmpowerEd ensures every child's right to an empowering education. Our tailored tuition programs for ages 4-18 use cutting-edge educational technology to identify learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses. This results in personalised learning plans and optimal tutor/teacher matches, fostering thriving individuals. Our mission lies in nurturing confident, enthusiastic, and passionate learners by providing them with the tools to unlock their full potential.



Academically, mentally and socially


100% of our students make academic and developmental progression after working with us on a tailored plan.


We understand every student is unique

We celebrate each students individuality, every student has a tailored work plan to ensure they obtain the best results possible! 


by teachers, parents and education experts

We work with families, schools, councils, libraries, charities and other organisations!

Margaret - Parent of a year 10 student 

"The tutors at EmpowerEd are incredible, my daughter went from struggling in maths to it being her favourite subject. I cannot recommend them enough!" 


Frankie - Parent of a 11+ student 

"Thank you for helping my son pass the 11+. Taking the time to analyse my son's working ways and abilities made all the difference. We are forever grateful for EmpowerEd and the team!"

Parent of EmpowerED SEND student 

"Just when I had begun to give up on my son ever engaging in learning, we started sessions with EmpowerEd. I very quickly realised how fantastic the organisation is. They really want to make a difference and go the extra mile."


Mr Patel - Parent of 3 children 

"My children love attending the centre, they are finally enjoying education again.


Anthony - Parent of 2 children 

"Amazing teaching and service 5*. I can really see the progression in my children."


Claire - Parent of GCSE student 

"The passion, dedication and hard working team here are great. They really care and the results speak for themselves."






Everybody is welcome in the EmpowerEd community. Uniqueness is celebrated. We ensure all of our staff, students and families feel welcomed and supported.




We are a community that strongly believes in supporting and caring for one another. We want to act to make a better world and this is embedded in our company ethos. 




We are ambitious with growth mindsets. We always believe we can improve and overcome any obstacles or challenges we may face. We work everyday to learn something new. 



We always show respect to one another. We understand everybody's right to safety and support at EmpowerEd. We communicate to each other with calmness and politeness. 



We are committed to enabling everybody to develop, improve and progress in the EmpowerEd community. We commit to trying our best and always striving to improve. 

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