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Primary Tuition 

The early years of education are the fundamental building blocks for children, and are incredibly important in shaping a child’s development and future successes.

Tuition at this age can provide the support and guidance required for children to thrive academically.

At EmpowerEd we allow children to build a positive relationship with education to ensure long term engagement and enthusiasm for learning

The specialist team at EmpowerEd ensures each student develops the confidence and passion for learning.

Our unique approach delivers consistently outstanding results and guarantees each EmpowerEd student is able to thrive. 

How it works 

At EmpowerEd, the first stage of designing an education support plan for your child is utilising our unique education technology to assess how your child learns and how their brain works. This is completed in a short assessment covering Maths, English and reasoning.  This gives us the information we require to design a bespoke education plan that reflects their individual learning style and requirements.

Following this, the education team will consider the best-placed tutor for your child.  We understand the significance of tutor-student match and we spend time ensuring that each individual gets the perfect match! By understanding each one of our students strength and adapting to them, we can create an environment in which a child can attempt new things and build on their existing confidence.

Primary aged children need stimulation and lots of variety for their interest to be sparked, our dedicated primary team and tutors are constantly developing their own methods to ensure our students are engaged and motivated to learn. 

Our Core Focus Areas


Mastering the basic principles of numeracy equips children with fundamental skills for the future and can be a lot of fun! 

We teach our students how to understand numbers and solve problems in various formats. We make all of our sessions as engaging as possible with props and games!


Learning to read and write is probably one of the biggest milestones in any child's education! 

We give our students the tools to read, write and communicate effectively. This enables them to read widely, discover new ideas and encourages their imagination. 



Reasoning is a child's ability to solve a variety of different scenarios and problems. The subject is generally split into verbal and non-verbal sections. Verbal reasoning involves the use of language, whilst non verbal reasoning is based around logical and numerical understanding of information such as sequences and patterns. 


Exam Preparation 

As well as general curriculum support, we are also specialists in primary exam preparation. This includes SATs (Standard Assessment Tests), common entrance exams (5+,8+,11+) and the 11+ eleven plus for grammar schools. Our team consists of top education consultants, examiners and tutors who can ensure every student is prepared as thoroughly as possible for exams. To find out more or for a free consultant, get in touch today! 

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