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EmpowerEd Tuition

We offer engaging, bespoke tuition sessions that deliver results, build student confidence and ensure a wider enjoyment of learning. 

We utilise our own unique education technology, which enables our specialist team to create bespoke tuition programmes for every student. This ensures every EmpowerEd student makes positive progression in their learning journey. 

We offer a range of flexible curriculum support for 4-18 year olds. This includes: 

  • Face to face tuition 

  • Online tuition 

  • Small group tuition 

  • Centre tuition 

  • Venue specific tuition (home, library, farm, football pitch)

How can we help you?

Every child has a brilliant unique mind. Explore our primary tutoring to unlock their potential in their foundational  years. Give your child the best start to their education. Find out more...

Our 11+ and CE programmes prepare students for the exams, as well as teaching them learning tips and tricks for life. Our 11+ pass rate was 91% last year! Find out more...

These are incredibly formative years for education. We offer KS3, Functional Skills, GCSE and A-level tutoring to enable your child to get to the next step of their future. Find out more...

Mentorship can be more fundamental to young people's happiness and development than any academic input. We have specialists ready to support your child through any challenges. Find out more...

Our SEND team ensure every student gets the tailored support they deserve. We work with schools, local authorities and families across the UK on additional support for students. Find out more...

TEFL / Languages

Languages have become more and more essential in our globalised world. We have exceptional language teachers and programmes to help you master languages at lightening speed. Find out more...

Why choose EmpowerEd Tuition? 



Times and pricing to suit you and your family

Expert, hand picked tutors

Engaging, tailored lesson plans.

 Frequent Feedback

Track progress and see results after every session.

Additional support

Our education team are here to answer any questions.

Bespoke programmes

Produced using our own resources and experience.

EmpowerEd Student Successes...

  • 96% of our students improved by three grades or more after completing their tailored study plan.

  • 91% of our 11+ students passed and got into their top choice school. 

  • 100% of our students reported feeling more confident and happier after beginning sessions with EmpowerEd

  • Most importantly, we are passionate about students developing a love and confidence in learning and education. We want to create optimal pathways for their futures, results are just a by-product of this! 

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