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Secondary Tuition 
GCSE / A-level Tuition

The secondary years are the most intensive and formative years of your child's education. The grades achieved in examinations throughout these years can determine your child’s future steps in defining their lives.  


With this educational development comes pressure and stress, however at EmpowerEd we prioritise offering our students exceptional support to ensure they thrive in their learning.  Our results are a testament to the work that we do, all of our GCSE and A-level students improve by two or more grades after working with us

We offer full courses covering KS3, Functional Skills, GCSE, and A-level subjects to enable your child to get to the next step of their future. We have focused study programmes in Maths, English, and Science, however, we also offer a wide range of other subjects. Please get in touch for further information.

Why choose EmpowerEd Tuition?


Our unique education technology and individualised approach means we devise a tuition programmes to suit the needs of every student. This ensures every student can develop. 

Exam Technique

We understand the importance of curriculum content as well as exam technique. We frequently undertake mock papers with all of our students, as well as coaching on exam technique to ensure they are thoroughly prepared.


We work with students, families, schools as well as local authorities and councils to provide exceptional education provision. We are experienced in ensuring every student progresses.

Confident Learners

Academic success is a by-product of students being confident and happy. We work the ensure our students have the skills and techniques to be confident, engaged learners. We want to teach our students skills they can use forever!


We have a team of education experts who devise excellent resources and session plans. Many are board examiners and know exactly how to support students to achieve high grades and success. 

Track Record of Success

We have a track record of success. All of our GCSE and A-level students improved by at least two grades. 100% reported feeling more confident and 76% achieved top grades (8s or 9s in GCSE or A*-A in A-levels). 

Hear from our clients...

Margaret - Parent of a year 10 student

"The tutors at EmpowerEd are incredible, my daughter went from struggling in maths to it being her favourite subject. I cannot recommend them enough!" 

Parent of an EmpowerEd GSCE student 

"My daughter was out of education for 2 years, suffering with mental health, I was amazed when EmpowerEd managed to re-engage her into the curriculum. When she received a Level 7 in her English Language I was over the moon!" 


Parent of an EmpowerEd GCSE and A-level student 

"My sons dream has always to go to medical school, he was disappointed with his predicted grades and needed some extra help. EmpowerEd support his journey through GCSEs and A-level. We were all over the moon when he received level 8s-9s and A*AA at Alevel. Thank you EmpowerEd.

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