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EmpowerEd TEFL and Languages Tuition

In our ever globalising world, learning different languages is becoming far more important. It is a skill required by a growing number of employers, as well as being an extremely useful personal skill. 

At EmpowerEd we have language programmes to learn English, French, Spanish and German. 

Our team have creative ways to make learning a language as simple and easy as possible. 

EmpowerEd Languages Tuition

Sign Language Course

If you are ready to nail a language then EmpowerEd is the place to come! Whether you are a beginner, looking to prepare for an exam, or an advanced learner taking the final steps to become fluent, we can help! 

Our language team is used to planning and delivering a wide range of language programmes tailored to suit the learning style and goals of each individual student.






As well as this we also have programmes TEFL for anybody trying to get a strong grip of the English language. 

Our language team have devised unique strategies and learning techniques that make learning languages EASY. 

Contact us to find out more...

0204 5424329

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