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              Epsom Tuition Centre

Epsom Tuition Centre


Tuition and education support for students aged 3-18

National curriculum support KS1-KS5

11+ & independent school entrance exam prep

GCSE and A-level support

SEND specialist department & programmes

University admissions and prep

Mentoring and coaching 

Education resources and products

Located in the heart of Epsom. 
Spread Eagle Walk, High Street, KT19 8DN

Why choose EmpowerEd Tuition? 


Times and pricing to suit you and your family

Expert, hand picked tutors

Engaging, tailored lesson plans.

 Frequent Feedback

Track progress and see results after every session.

Additional support

Our education team are here to answer any questions.

Bespoke programmes

Produced using our own resources and experience.

Learning Space

Expertly designed learning spaces.


92% 11+ / common entrance pass rate

Life Skills

Face-to-face learning. Social and communication skills


We support every student and have a dedicated SEND team.


We support students to achieve their goals and aspirations.

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EmpowerEd Education, 
Spread Eagle Walk, High Street, 
Epsom KT19 8DN


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