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Does a “One Size Fits All” Approach to Education Work?

Just like it’s impossible for one size t-shirt to fit all students, one way of teaching is fundamentally not working for students in the current education system. We cannot be the first to think that our education system is crying out for a change to this outdated approach to teaching. Tutor for kids, tuition near me, home tutor for autistic child.

The idea of the “one size t-shirt” relates to education in more ways than one initially thinks. Whilst we know that one size of t-shirt (learning style) would probably fit the “average” student, the reality is that this will not be the case across all students. Tuition near me

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Students range in all shapes and sizes so parents are inclined to purchase a t-shirt that is “suitable” for the student based on the student as an individual. Similarly, students come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, schools, and learning abilities, so we cannot think that one curriculum, or “one size t-shirt” can fit everybody. This is the same for purchasing a costume or outfit where the tag says “one size fits most.” Someone who weighs 30 kg who wears the same costume as a student that weighs 50 kg will undeniably get a very different fit! While the outfit could potentially (at a squeeze) fit both sizes, the look (and how comfortable the costume will feel) will be quite different for each student. Whilst this may seem like an over simplified analogy, it is certainly one that explains one of the issues in the education system at the moment. find a tutor for my child

There are seven common learning styles: Aural, Verbal, Physical, Visual, Logical, Solitary and Social. Where one student might thrive in a traditional classroom, listening to a lecture and studying their homework in solitude, another student might struggle to attain knowledge without experience or conversation. private tutor for 6 year old

Using differentiated instruction is not about separating students or creating one lesson plan for many. It’s about assessing student needs as an individual and tailoring an education programme accordingly. Assessing students’ needs does not need to be cumbersome. It can be as simple as noticing non-verbal cues in the classroom to written work.

At EmpowerEd, we deliver expertly designed bespoke tuition programmes based on the student’s needs and requirements. We are passionate about the programmes we deliver and ensure every student develops into a confident, passionate learner and is given the tools they need to unlock their full potential. We are strong believers that every student is unique, and should not be shifted into a “one size fits all” system. We assess each student on an individual basis. All of our packages are tailored to the individual student, taking into account their unique learning requirements and their individual educational goals.

Do you want to see an academic environment where your children really thrive? EmpowerEd offers an unrivalled level of student support and guidance to ensure that no student is left behind. To find out more details or for a free consultation please feel free to email or call us, we would be delighted to help. Private tutor for 6 year old, home tutor near me, personal tutors near me.


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