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EHCP Demand at Record High

Rising demand for specialist provision is causing Local Authorities to crumble in finding suitable support for children and young people on EHCPs. What is sen, what is ehcp.

Around half a million children and young people in the UK have an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan). This is despite one in five requests for an education, health and care plan being rejected. learning difficulty, moderate learning disability.

Reported figures show the requests for EHCP’s is drastically increasing with a 20% increase from 2020 to 2021, this number is likely to increase again in 2022.

The increased demand is putting a tremendous strain on local authorities who are struggling to provide sufficient provision to young people on EHCPs. The NEU teaching union reported that funding for pupils has not kept up with the ‘huge rise in need’. This is hardly surprising given that to restore the funding levels to their real value in 2015-16, it would require an additional £3.6 billion. dyslexia tutors, sen tutor, ks2 tutor.

As Kevin Court stated, "The latest release of pupils with high-level SEN shows that the government do not have a plan to support children and young people with high-level special educational needs and disabilities.” What is sen, sen tutor.

"The government continues to underfund SEN education, and its SEN and Alternative Provision Green Paper does not contain the scale of ambition required to tackle this crisis."

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At EmpowerEd we are working hard to support families amidst the shortfalls of funding. We offer bespoke, specialist support to students on EHCPs. We are passionate about offering an alternative solution to ensure every child and young person can access education and achieve their future goals. We ensure our families receive the best support to find the best solution. Local private tutor, autism tutor, need private tutor.

If you are struggling with finding suitable support for your child, or need some advice on the EHCP process or EHCP tribunals, please do not hesitate to contact us for a non obligatory consultation or just a friendly chat! SEN tutor sutton, sen tutors near me.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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