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The Benefits of Face to Face Learning

We are all very familiar with the concept of face to face learning, it is the traditional way of learning in the UK. Face to face learning is when a teacher and student meet in person to complete a session, this may be a one to one lesson, a small group, or most commonly a large class - similar to schools. Tuition near me. Tuition Sutton.

Online learning has definitely dominated the industry headlines over the past few years, predominantly due to COVID and technological advancements. Online teaching offers some clear perks - such as accessibility, technological integration and the comfort of being able to teach/learn from anywhere at any time, however in a world now dominated by online sessions, it is also important to remember the significant benefits of face to face learning too.

Face to face learning enables students to effectively learn knowledge in various different learning styles, whilst also developing other fundamental skills - such as communication, negotiation, logical reasoning and social skills. As critics correctly point out, perhaps social skills are not directly tested for on an exam paper - but they are absolutely core to growing into perceptive, influential young people! Maths tuition near me

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We Asked Some of Our Students Why They Like Learning in a Face to Face Group Setting...

"You'll be able to concentrate harder on your learning. It is less distracting than at home." 11+ Sutton

"It is more fun to hear the teacher give stories and real-world examples."

"I feel more comfortable learning in a group, it is more fun than being in your bedroom at home." Maths tutor sutton.

"I like seeing my friends." private tuition sutton.

"I understand things better in a classroom, it is easier to hear what the teacher means and it is easier to ask for help when I am stuck." SEN sutton

Beyond the curriculum, essential parts of learning granted in a face to face group session are communication, social interaction [we are social beings after all], collaboration, problem solving in real life situations and networking with different people with different ideas and perspectives - the list could go on! Sutton learning centre

So whilst progression in education technology must be applauded, we must also balance this with ensuring education remains wide ranging and developmentally impactful for our young people. The best approach is surely to be found somewhere in the middle... a hybrid model which utilises the fantastic technological advancements to enhance learning, whilst ensuring young people still get face to face interaction with peers, tutors, teachers, mentors etc...

What do you think? Feel free to get in touch and let us know! home tuition for special needs

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Caroline Riley
Caroline Riley
18 iul. 2022

What a fantastic blog, I could not agree more, lets not lose site of the power of face to face learning, in a world where our kids are glued to screen!

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